Where well to eat in the vicinity?
Our favorites
AUX ARMES DE COLMAR To 3 minutes have feet. Beautiful restaurant. Alsatian typical dishes and of inspiration, acueil thoughtful trés.  Trés good kitchen. Coordonnées
LE PETIT SCHLOSSBERG At the end of the street of the angel. Specialties Alsatians and Pizzas. Owners friendly trés and cools. Coordonnées
LE PETIT BIDON It is a traditional kitchen, but with always with a small sprig of creativeness Coordonnées
AU CHASSEUR Good specialized Colmar restaurant in the dishes of game of or the name of the establishment. The decor is rustic and cordial trés and the service is sympatique Coordonnées
Restoring traditional and inventive
A booking last minute...and there we discover a splendid setting and a very cordial welcome. A very very well stocked card in wine as well as in dish that gives all more desire the some that the other. The prices are calculated to the most just and the result in the plate is luscious

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CHEZ HANSI A trés good Colmarienne address. sauerkraut is there tasty. Coordonnées
RESTAURANT BARTHOLDI Typically restoring Colmarien. good address. Coordonnées