Chez Cécile et Myriam

We are pleased to welcome you to our family vineyard.
Nestled in the heart of the old town, you can discover all the charm of our Alsatian house of the 16th century.
We offer several types of rentals to best meet your needs:

  • Our guest rooms included the night as well as the homemade breakfast.
  • our furnished with tourism offer you more autonomy with a corner cooks at your disposal.
    But you will also have access to our breakfasts on request.

A family story

The Jund are known for the famous quote from 1630, issued from the Chronicle of the customs of Colmar: “In September, Martin Jund winemaker, discovered in his vineyard of Wettolsheim, a bunch of grapes that had the length of one yard less than a quarter. Some of the grapes were already ripe, while the other part was in bloom. “

The anecdote obviously applies to the singularity observed. It also recalls a general notion of the medieval period that continues in modern times. All around the city, encircled in its ramparts, are arranged in a concentric way, and sometimes in amphitheater if the relief lends itself to it, the fields and the vines accessible on foot, the time of a round-trip during the day. The Junds from Austria, who arrived in Alsace at the beginning of the 16th century, are no exception to this rule.


(1888 – 1973)
After a quarter of a century spent in Morocco, mainly in market gardening, Martin Jund, the 5th of the name, (1888-1973) and his wife, nee Kopp, took over the exploitation of the Alsatian family vineyard in 1948, and bought many parcels on the Colmar Hardt they manage to group in four large lots of a total area of 7 hectares.


(1924 – 2008)
When Martin Jund died in 1973, his daughter Annie Jund, born in 1924, separated from her husband Jean-Pierre Ducros, born in 1924, took over the estate. Chief of exploitation from 1973 to 1980, it perpetuates the vineyard and opts, in 1970 for bottling, in the family home, rue de l’Ange, one of the first to display its beautiful half-timberings, at the moment where the plasterings fall ashamed of the particularism of the local habitat.

André et Myriam

Since 1980, André Ducros, born in 1956, the son of Annie Jund, and his wife Myriam Wolfersperger, born in 1956, from Michelbach near Cernay, have taken over the farm. Both holders of a BTAG obtained in Rouffach, currently work 18 ha, from Turkheim to Benwihr, through Katzenthal, Ammerschwihr, Kaysersberg and Kientzheim.

André and Myriam are also developing a rental activity, initially dedicated to the students of the Colmar iut, which gradually gave way to tourists.

Sébastien, Cécile et Martin

Today their three children are involved in this family adventure.

Martin, the youngest, took over the management of the vineyard supported by André.

Sebastien, the eldest, develops the marketing of wines of the estate, developed by him.

Cécile, the youngest, manages with Myriam the part rental of tourism and Bed and Breakfast.

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